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I cold-called HNJ Accountants to file an amended personal tax return. My refund was thousands higher than what my previous accountant had proposed, on better legal footing. It spite of being overseas, the firm has my file completed in days. I could not recommend Henry Zhao more highly.
                                                                       Andrew Stevens- Barrister and Solicitor (Canada)


Henry has been doing a great job for in last few years. His service is always comprehensive, timely and straight to the point. And his cost is no doubt one of the most competitive for the professionals with his caliber.
                                                                                              Frank Zhu/ Eastwood Computer Village


We have been using HNJ Accountants for many years and their timely and detailed advice has provided our firm with comfort when we require it and in many cases, provided an effective solution. This has a lot to do with their tax consulting background and training. The advice is very timely and detailed with extensive research and referencing but also in a simple manner to understand at a client level. This provides a level of confidence in their work. The advice provided by HNJ Accountants is also cost-effective that enables our firm to regularly use their services.  We would not hesitate to recommend HNJ Accountants to both clients and other accountants if the need arises.
                                                                                              John Kalachian- JHK Accounting Services


Hi Henry, Thank you for being my accountant for the last 2 years. You have provided excellent advice and your expertise in all the accounting rules and laws always impresses me. We have a complex investment property between a few partners. It is  a complex matter which can be  handled in multiple ways tax wise. You have always provided us with all the pros and cons and give innovative suggestions to minimize tax and increase profits. Thanks again for your service.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Eddie Lim
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