About Us

HNJ Accountants is a tax specialist firm providing innovative, timely, cost effective tax advice and compliance support to businesses, sole practitioners and small public practice firms.

We are proud to be a tax specialist!


What does HNJ Accountants do? We specialise in:

  • Tax consolidation and related tax planning and compliance matters;
  • Tax audit and litigation support;
  • Small business Capital Gain Tax exemptions and concessions;
  • Property investment and development related taxes;
  • GST margin schemes and State Taxes;
  • International taxation and transfer pricing.


Why choose us?

Traditionally when a small practice has some unique tax issues outside its normal course of business, it generally turns to large accounting firms or specialist law firms for advice and assurance. This is getting increasingly difficult because of current economic circumstances and the reluctance for clients to pay large fees, even though the resulting tax consequences can be quite severe. On the other hand, the ATO has expanded its tax compliance activities significantly on the basis that more people may be tempted to push the envelope even further in order to avoid tax cost and obtain a competitive advantage. Small practitioners therefore face the increased business risk of being blamed for not complying with the law.


Henry Zhao has been in tax consulting and compliance for many years and obtained his experiences both in the ATO and leading accounting firms. His clients range from large foreign banks to individual executives who have employee shares. For many years, he has been providing out of box, accurate and timely advice to accountants who generate substantial tax savings to their clients. See Profile for more details about Henry. While we will never compromise our quality of advice and provide detailed research to you, our biggest advantage is the cost. Our simplest tax consulting session may start from as little as $165, which provide just sufficient assurance you need to proceed with the transaction while most oral advices would be free.


In other cases, we will provide a quote based on the estimate time required for each task before we proceed.

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